EBook: €7.00

PDF E-Book:  A5 size, 164 full-colour pages.  

ISBN 978-0-9955358-3-1

Category: Older Children to Adults

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This book on ethical dog care can also be used as a digital presentation in clinics or schools.  It is specific to my own experiences as a trainee veterinary nurse in Ireland and Scandinavia, assistant and volunteer at various animal shelters and dog sledding races as well as a dog minder and owner.  Never claiming to be an expert, I made lots of mistakes and saw common difficulties among dog owners regardless of country!  Suitable for older children and adults.

Subjects covered include: 

The Human - Canine Bond, Ethics, Matchmaking: You and Your New Dog, Empathy, Duty of Care, Veterinary Care, Zoonotic Disease, Neutering, Euthanasia

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