I have written and illustrated seven stories so far as part of my Tikaboo Tales series of full-colour children's books with animal heroes who save the day!  Every part of the creative and production process will have been carried out here in Ireland from the initial sketches to their softback printing at a time when supporting homegrown industries couldn't be more important.  Printing in Ireland means by law the process has to be environmentally sustainable and the pulp and inks used must be from ethical sources. As a self-taught illustrator, the themes are very close to my heart and the tales are based on little creatures I have known and taken care of (except for the bear!).








As children and adults read about the difficulties that the individual animal heroes face in these stories, my hope is that the readers will feel empathy and compassion towards them and will be reminded that other species are also in need of much love and support - rather like the readers themselves, in fact!  Perhaps as the main characters of these stories come to terms with not "fitting in", the young reader who feels a little lost or marginalised will see that we all have our individual talents and that we eventually find our niche in life.  Although our paths may not always seem clear, all we need is inner trust and the courage to follow our very own trail.

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