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Tikaboo Tales are wholesome fables that children (and adults!) will just love. They depict the tribulations and triumphs of unique and spirited animal characters who sometimes feel lost or marginalised.  They eventually fulfil their true potential while inspiring those around them to open their hearts and minds thus bringing out the best in people.


As young readers identify with these fictional characters with whom they share similar emotions, they are hopefully inspired to treat all creatures with compassion and kindness and to develop the courage to follow their own paths.

These books are made in an environmentally-sustainable manner in Ireland in a small portable format ideal for independent reading.  So, when you purchase these Tikaboo Tales, you are encouraging the development of mindfulness in children while supporting the welfare of our fellow creatures and shared environment! 

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Tikaboo Tales

Books & Art with a Conscience

Tikaboo Tales are also available through the UK and Irish Libraries!

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