Photo ©Tom Bean

Living and running with my Siberian Huskies, Kodiak and Tika, in the mountains and canyons of our Northern Arizona home was my definition of Heaven.  However, as exhilarating as it was, it was nonetheless a constant learning process. When these dogs would wander off for days only to show up reeking of skunk or covered in porcupine quills, I could see that I needed to provide them with a more enriching life to keep their athletic bodies and agile minds occupied. And it was up to me to figure out how!  After all, dogs and other animals depend on us for everything.


Thus, I was inspired to write and illustrate my series of Tikaboo Tales books, simple fables told from the perspective of their various animal heroes. It is my hope that these tales, along with my artworks of animals and our shared environment, will elicit a smile and maybe even a smidgen of empathy from the readers and viewers.  Thank you for your interest!

Encouraging empathy for animals through books and art.

Because they shouldn't have to bite us! 

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