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Photo ©Tom Bean

My Siberian Huskies, Kodiak and Tika, would frequently wander off among the mountains and canyons of our Northern Arizona home only to show up days later reeking of skunk and all kinds of everything!  It was clear I had to figure out how to keep their athletic bodies and agile minds occupied.  The fact that they depended on me for everything forced me to wake up and think differently, which inspired me to write the Tikaboo Tales.  Named after Tikaboo, my beloved husky, these children's fables star various animal heroes who share the same trials, joys and needs as us.  Through these books and my quirky, sassy artworks, I hope to elicit an empathetic smile from readers and viewers and to relieve some guilt about my earlier deficient husky management! 

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Tikaboo Tales

Books & Art with a Conscience

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