Photo ©Tom Bean

Through the process of adopting and fostering Siberian Huskies over the years in Flagstaff, Arizona and during my training as a veterinary nurse in Ireland, Norway and Sweden, I met many misplaced working dogs. My conviction was reinforced that dogs need a purpose in life without which they can end up mischievous, bored and depressed, just like us. Running with my dogs through the beautiful Ponderosa pine forest trails and boating on the River Shannon in the Midlands of Ireland, I was inspired to write and illustrate the Tikaboo Tales and to paint the lovely scenery around us.  


I aim to depict the innocence of animals in my artwork so as to encourge empathy and positive human behaviour towards animals and our shared environment.  

I am hoping to eventually set up the Tika and Kodi Foundation, which, named after my beloved huskies, will allow me to disseminate my educational material and fiction for free to schools and animal shelters because the level of welfare we offer our animals should never correlate with our level of income.  

Knowledge is power!

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