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Hello there!  


I'm Vivienne Lynch, a self-taught illustrator, with experience and education as a photo editor, English editor, translator and proofreader, oh, AND veterinary nurse!  These varied interests come together to form my art and stories that celebrate animals and our shared natural environments.   


My series of children's stories are named Tikaboo Tales after Tikaboo, my beloved late Siberian husky, and star various animal heroes sharing the same trials, joys and needs as us. Through my works, I hope to gently remind people how all creatures are sentient beings and that they and their habitats rely on us for their very existence.


I believe that lack of money should never be a reason to prevent children from having equal access to books and education, which is why Tikaboo Tales are available for free through public and school libraries.

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Tikaboo Tales

Stories & Art with a Conscience

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