© 2015 Vivienne Lynch

Welcome and thank you for your interest in my artwork! 

My name is Vivienne Lynch and I write, illustrate and self-publish children's fiction and educational material on dog care.  I also make portraits of dogs in stained glass and painting.  Through my linguistic and creative skills, I aim to depict the innocence of animals so as to elicit empathy and compassion from the viewer and reader.  Hopefully, this will contribute to the ethical treatment of animals and of our shared environment.  Commissioning a pet portrait or purchasing one (or more!) of my books from the Tikaboo Tales collection will greatly help further this cause!

I am hoping to eventually collect enough proceeds from sales of my books and commissions so that I can set up the Tika and Kodi Foundation. Named after my beloved huskies, the foundation will allow me to disseminate my educational material and fiction for free to schools and animal shelters.  


Thank you for your support!

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